My Books

What Matters Most

Status: Alpha Reading

Genre: Realistic fiction

Age group: 12-15

Trixie Alcaraz doesn’t understand people. Sometimes people care, and sometimes they don’t. Like her parents, who don’t care for each other and left her with her older sister, and like her sister, who seems so caught up in building a future she hardly sees Trixie. So when it seems that the popular kids at her new school are caring, Trixie happily jumps into their midst… only to find out that she still feels alone.

Clover O’Mally is hard on herself. Even as her blog grows in followers, she can’t help but wish that she knew how to speak to people offline the way her best friend Amelia does, and when people say mean things, she’s prone to believe them. When she encounters bullies, she begins to inwardly tear herself apart.

Amelia Standish feels forgotten. As the middle child and only girl in her family, she wonders if she’ll ever be as popular as her best friend, Clover, or the new girl, Trixie. When she sets her mind to get noticed, it hardly seems to matter who’s doing the noticing; as long as they’re popular, she wants them to see her. When popular boy Wyatt begins to pay attention, she’s determined to do whatever it takes to keep it that way.

A little bit of chance and their hidden desires blaze into a fire of friendship when the girls meet. But as each is confronted with the question of who they are and what they believe in, things start to fall apart. Is friendship worth preserving if it exposes your brokenness? And how do you save what already seems gone?

The Lies I Believed

Status: World Building

Genre: Fantasy/ romance

Age group: 12+

This story has yet to have a summary written, but the central theme is seeing who others are beyond where they come from and what color their skin is. With a Romeo-and-Juliet plotline, a fantasy island setting, and twists along the way, the main character, Haeli, learns that the people from the tribe neighboring her own are not what her parents say they are. In a short few days, she discovers the power of love, teamwork, and an open mind. People she originally trusts betray her more than those she was told to avoid.

And More Coming!