If you don’t reach for the moon, you won’t ever touch the stars.

In other words, without shooting for a goal, no matter how crazy, you will never even get close. I hope you all would reach up high, aiming above where you think you can go. But there’s another thing.

A rocket isn’t built by one man in a day. It takes a team spending time.

So if you’re hoping to make a dream come true, tell us what it is! If you’re looking for bloggers to collab with, go on tour with, or to help you, comment that! If you have a question, ask it! If you need a graphic designer, photographer, artists, or anything, ask if anyone does that! This is where your rocket will be built.

But if you’re going to get your rocket built with other people’s time and materials, it’s only fair for you to follow the conversation and lend a hand in other construction every now and then.

Please use this page to get to know one another, discuss writing, and pursue your dreams together!

Never forget: teamwork makes the dream work!

9 thoughts on “Chatroom

          1. Good to know. His books tend to be pretty heavy, I know, but he treats it so well that they’re always worth reading. The world is dark. 😦 But there is light. And stories are one of the best ways to show that!

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