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  • Happy Birthday, Aanya!!
    Hey warriors! Today’s post is a little unique because it’s a birthday poem written by several other bloggers and I wrote for a special blogger! We may be a little late, but only because we wanted it to be as good as possible! Aanya is a ton of fun to talk to and she’s really sweet! Check out her blog here and give her a follow! Now… let’s dive in! A snowy owl enters the room with an envelope in its beak, A regal seal with Hogwarts name keeping the secrets within. She picks up the envelope and lets out […]
  • End of Summer Blog Party
    Hey warriors! I promise I’m almost done with all the reblogging but I’d love for you to join me in this end of summer event over on Sketch Scribble Scribe! Hey sparkles! Welcome to SSS’s second blog party ever (here was the first!) featuring all eight summer posts in the best order possible), a ton of … End of Summer Blog Party
  • 29+ Fiction Books that Taught Me Writing Skills
    Originally posted on Sketch Scribble Scribe:
    Hey sparkles! Welcome back to SSS! I know I’m late, but since I only had time for one more post before the end of summer (how?!), I wanted to share something a little more bookish for readers and writers alike! The best way to learn is to watch others do it and implement what you learn and these books not only charm readers but are absolutely brilliant to learn from as writers! Let’s dive in! Note: All of these books are ones I chose from my own personal favorites. I can’t represent every writer…
  • It is I | World Suicide Prevention Day 2022
    Originally posted on Random Specific Thoughts:
    Creating hope through action” is the triennial theme for the World Suicide Prevention Day from 2021 – 2023. This theme is a reminder that there is an alternative to suicide and aims to inspire confidence and light in all of us. By creating hope through action, we can signal to people experiencing suicidal thoughts that there is hope and that we care and want to support them. It also suggests that our actions, no matter how big or small, may provide hope to those who are struggling. Lastly, it highlights the importance of setting…
  • A Limited Teen’s Guide to Limited Time
    Hey warriors! Welcome or welcome back to Words! Today’s post is written upon request by Emma Thrasher (and others!) and it’s meant to answer a lot of questions I had and sometimes still have about time. This post was the hardest post I’ve ever written because time is such a difficult thing to understand. But I think I covered everything I know and taught myself a thing or two, so it’s worth all the writer’s block and it’s length. I hope you’ll take some of your limited time to read it. Here’s what I’ve learned as a limited teen about […]
  • Clover’s Thanksgiving: A What Matters Most Deleted Scene
    Hey warriors! I’m so sorry it’s been so long since I wrote a regular post, but here we are, back to writing! In this post, I took a What Matter Most deleted scene, edited out any spoilers, and analyzed why I didn’t include it after the first round of edits. Hopefully this post will be fun and perhaps helpful! Let’s dive in. Clover’s Thanksgiving “Move out of my way, darlin’! Would you get the casserole out of the oven?” My mom orders, speed-walking past me with a pot of mashed potatoes. It’s Thanksgiving, and, surprisingly, my house is a hectic […]
  • [Reblog] This Beautiful Breath {Guest Post}
    Hey warriors! I once again couldn’t finish a post, but A Limited Teen’s Guide to Limited Time and Clover’s Thanksgiving: A What Matters Most Deleted Scene are on the way! I hope you enjoy them! Until then, check out Rue’s amazing post on my friend Hattush’s blog! Go give them both a follow! Hey everyone! Today I have the honor of having Rue Arrow sharing thoughts and wisdom. Please be sure to check out her amazing blog, drop a comment … This Beautiful Breath {Guest Post}
  • [Reblog] Comparision: Old to New Writing
    Hey warriors! I meant to get a fresh post out today but because I’m recovering from an oral surgery and didn’t finish the planned post because of medicine and healing, I thought I’d spotlight a friend instead! I hope you enjoy her post! Go give her a follow! Recently, my posts have been a little different from the normal poems, short stories, and character interviews. Though I will still post those, my … Comparision: Old to New Writing
    Hey warriors! I normally don’t do this kind of post, but today I’m sharing a slightly late but very heart-felt happy birthday post for one of the bloggers who’s been a big help to me on my journey. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVIN! (All the pictures in my featured image are HERS, not mine. But aren’t they awesome?) To start off, set the mood with this song. Now let’s dive in! To begin, we have a parody written by me. It’s your birthdayWe’re here to sayYou’re beautiful in every single wayDon’t need makeupTo cover upBeing the way that you are is enough […]
  • (SURPRISE TUESDAY POST) Some Exciting Announcements and Ideas
    Hey warriors! I am back again (after far too long… so sorry about that! Life is crazy sometimes.) and I have some news for you all! From writing progress to big posting projects, a lot of exciting things are happening. Let’s dive in! Exciting Announcement #1 The first announcement is that What Matters Most is back! I’m diving into edits again and so excited to be doing so. If things go smoothly, I’ll be ready to publish it next year. However, I’m also entering a new school year and hoping to be a better student, so as much as I’d […]
  • I Am Not a Comedian: A (Potentially) Funny Take on Comedy In Writing
    Hey warriors! I’ve felt a bit like a lazy person lately, so I decided to use my YouTube overdose to inspire me right back out of the laziness. And no, I totally won’t go right back to AGT after posting this. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my rant on humor writing. I am not a comedian. Let’s get that straight, first of all. I don’t belong on a stage cracking jokes. The only humorous thing I can crack is my humerus bone and I’m too lazy to do anything that could crack it. However, I am a writer. Which means, […]
  • An Unfortunate Annoucement
    Hey warriors! It’s not a usual posting day but I wanted to pop in with a quick announcement: I may not post on all my regular days in the next two weeks. I’ll try to schedule some things, but I’ll be gone on a trip. So if I don’t make it, it’s because I didn’t finish or find time to schedule a post during packing. It’s not because I don’t live you all and don’t love the blog. It’s because I have a real life where things come up and stress exists. So while I’m sorry, I’m also not feeling […]
  • The “What’s Your WIP?” Blog Tag!
    Hey warriors! Welcome or welcome back to Words! Today I get to tell you more about my WIP, thanks to Sara at Sparkle Girl! Thanks so much Sara! (And y’all, go check out her blog! It’s amazing!) This will be a long post but I hope you enjoy it. Let’s dive in! (Also… this post looks much better on the actual site, Rules Thank the person who tagged you & link to their blog. (Thanks again, Sara!) Link back to the creator, Katja @ Little Blossoms for Jesus, & add the tag graphic. List the rules. Answer the questions. […]
  • Middle-of-the-Month Check-In: July
    Hey warriors! Welcome or welcome back to Words! How are you all doing? It’s been a month (how, I don’t know) since I last checked in and it’s that time again, so let’s dive in! Me An amazing friend of mine from Salt Lake City came to visit for the first time in two years! It was such an amazing day… We went on a day trip to Denton, Texas! I’ll be posting about that on my other blog soon, including my shopping haul. 😜 I posted for Diamond’s Camp Happy Heart twice this month! Go check out her blog. […]
  • Snapshot: My Best and Worst Hooks (+ What I’ve Learned)
    Hey warriors! This post is the first in what might become a series of snippets from my journey as a writer. This post is on hooks, those first sentences meant to draw you in. A blogger and Ydubber I know, Lydia K, recently posted this post on her blog and it looked like so much fun that I thought I’d give it a go. So here we are today! I’ll be analyzing 10 of my hooks (even from different drafts) from worst to best and explaining why they’re bad or good in my opinion. Then I’ll share some of my […]
  • Why I’m Taking a Writing Break + What That Means
    Hey warriors! Welcome or welcome back to Words! Today’s post is a little more serious than sometimes, but I’d like to update you on some amazing changes to come and the small sacrifices I’m making so they’ll work. Let’s dive in! What I’m Doing I’m going to start by explaining what I’m changing so you won’t be disappointed after I deliver the exciting news. To begin with, I won’t be working on What Matters Most for the next month. I’ll work on some other projects and be working toward exciting things, but I will not be revising or preparing to […]
  • Worth It: A Story
    Hey warriors! Today I have a unique piece of writing for you. I will warn you that it is a mix of fact, imagination, and a little bit of inner experience. You may not agree with everything I say, still, I hope it speaks to every one of you. Trigger warning: blood, death, drunkenness, mention of smoking, mention of torture, a romantic relationship, and mention of storms. A heavy wood beam drags in the sand. Slowly it digs deeper as the one carrying it grows weaker. A soldier walks nearby, eager to taunt and torture the 33 year old man […]
  • The Star That Always Stays: Author Interview with Anna Rose Johnson
    Hey warriors! Happy 4th of July! I have a special post today! I have an author interview for you and a challenge for you all! Let’s dive in! About the Book Anna Rose Johnson is the author of The Star That Always Stay. Here’s the description from Amazon: Growing up on Beaver Island, Grand-père told Norvia stories—stories about her ancestor Migizi, about Biboonke-o-nini the Wintermaker, about the Crane Clan and the Reindeer Clan. He sang her songs in the old language, and her grandmothers taught her to make story quilts and maple candy. On the island, Norvia was proud of […]
  • A Few Tags….
    Hello, warriors! How is everyone doing? It’s extremely hot here, meaning I feel drowsy and lazy most of the day. What’s summer like for you right now? So about today’s post… Most of you probably realize that this blog was only just born a month or so ago. But that hasn’t stopped a few blogger friends from tagging me already… which means I have three for you today! First up is… The Liebester Award. Thank you, Daniel! Rules: • Thank the blogger[s] who nominated you and provide a link to their blog. (See above) • Answer the 11 questions given […]
  • Sunset: A Poem – Summer of Stories 2
    Hey warriors! Welcome or welcome back to Words! I have another Summer of Stories post today! This week’s prompt was “write a poem about a sunset.” I hope you enjoy! Some people see beauty In the golden rays of evening The edge of night’s burning Some people see artwork In the masterfully chosen hues The pinks, oranges, and blues. Some people see promise In the ending of one day Knowing the night won’t stay Some people see the moon As the sun fades into the horizon And they watch the stars be strung But I see a little of all […]
  • Glass Beach: A Short Story – Summer of Stories 1
    Hey, warriors! Welcome or welcome back to Words! Today I have some writing for you because I’m part of Maggie’s Summer of Stories contest! (Writers! Join me! And hey, artists! There’s Avenue of Art on Evin’s blog for you!) This week’s prompt was “a walk on the beach in 500 words or less.” I hope you enjoy! Beaches are often associated with vacations, tropical journeys, and wild adventures, simple pleasures for the luxurious and worn alike. But I’ve always thought beaches were promises and as I slowly walk the shores of the Glass Beach, I’ve never felt more certain. This […]
  • Middle-of-Month Check-In
    Hey, warriors! Welcome or welcome back to Words! Today’s post is a little different from my usual ones, and, if you guys like this, let me know so I can make it a regular thing! I’m just going to give a brief life update and writing update (not all that much… these posts aren’t meant to be stressful or cause anger/offense/jealousy!) I’ll divide it into four sections. Let’s dive in! Me I have been pretty tired lately, which has meant less productivity. I got back into a blog schedule, which means that if you follow all of my blogs you’ve […]
  • Why I Journal + A Peek Into My Journal
    Hey, warriors! How are you doing today? I’m excited, since I get to talk about a big change I recently made in my life in today’s post! I’m going to tell you the reasons I journal, show you my journal, and give you my best journaling tips. Let’s dive in! Why I Journal On May 18 this year, I made a choice. I was already planning on launching my blog on May 20th, the nine year anniversary of the tornado that changed my young life, so, after reading an inspirational magazine(don’t judge ok? Magnolia Journal is helpful) I decided to […]
  • Summer Reading Challenges To Try
    Hey, friends! Welcome or welcome back to Words! As we enter into the summer, people my age and younger have more time and are starting to think about what to do with it. Meanwhile adults see the fun kids are having and, even though most are working, embrace the nostalgia, fun, and sun this season brings. If you’re looking for reading challenges for the summer, here’s a few I came up with! I’m doing two of them. Let’s dive in! Two Books a Month You know that one friend or family member who always has a list of books you […]
  • Why I Read More Kids’ Books Than YA Books: A Casual Conversation Post
    Hey, warriors! Welcome or welcome back to Words! Today’s post will be pretty casual since I’d like to just have a sort of conversation with you, and first up on the agenda is an explanation as to why I just called you warriors and why I’m going to keep it up. Ready? *makes a cup of coffee* Let’s dive in! Warriors You’ve probably heard people say that the pen is mightier than the sword before, right? And you may have also heard of books changing lives, especially one book called the Bible (I’m a Christian and proud of it, changed […]
  • Why Teens Should Write: An Introduction to This Blog
    Hey, friends! Welcome or welcome back to Words! If you came over from one of the blog tour posts, I’m so happy you were intrigued! Thank you for checking out my blog! If you want to see more of the blog tour posts, I’ll be adding them as they’re written to the bottom of this post so you can read them all. You may have figured out already or you may be confused: what is this blog about? What can you expect from me? This post is here to answer those questions and tell you even more! Let’s dive in. […]
  • Freedom: A Snippet of What Matters Most
    Hey, writer and readers! Welcome or welcome back to Words! Today’s post is a snippet from my book, What Matters Most, that I plan to self publish later this year. I hope you enjoy! I’m still not sure what love is, even though I’ve lived with my mom in New York City for years; why would Oklahoma be any better? The same sister who didn’t care in the Big Apple isn’t about to care in her fancy house in Oklahoma, will she? The mom who seemed to care so much even when she was busy doesn’t want me gone now, […]
  • Storms: A Short Story in Poetry
    Hey, everyone! Welcome or welcome back to Words! Today’s post is a more sad one. This is a short story told in four-line stanzas of poetry. It’s a story of pain, suffering, depression, anxiety, loneliness, and mental struggles and based on true stories. I hope you are able to learn from it or find healing from it. Part 1 The color of the sky before a storm is green-gray, Green like jealousy and sickness,  Gray like gloom and danger coming closer. That’s the color of the sky right now. Annabelle stands in the living room, Watching them scream loudly. She […]
  • How I Write: 26+ Things You Should Know About Your Main Characters
    Hello again, everyone! Welcome or welcome back to Words! Today’s How I Write post is on characters. In my experience as a reader, characters are more important than plot, because if we don’t care about the characters, we won’t care about the plot. You need both the person and the journey: without a person we care about, the journey doesn’t matter to us. I’ve been researching characters over the past few months and here’s some of what I’ve found. Here’s how I plan out my characters. (You can always read the other How I Write posts here.) Step One: Meet The […]
  • How I Write: My Journey + Why I Write
    Hello there! Welcome or welcome back to Words! This post is the first of many about How I Write. Every author writes slightly differently, but most authors start out feeling at least a little lost, hopeful, and/or curious. Writing is a safari, and they don’t really know the jungle yet. Of course, that’s ok, and you have to explore on your own. But do you want to come face to face with a lion because you didn’t know they were there? I’m guessing the answer is no. That’s why those of us who have been through the vicious attacks of the […]