About the Author

Hey there! My name is Kaley Kriesel, and I am a teenage author. I’m part of the Young Writers Workshop, have published a short narrative in a magazine, and manage three blogs. I have yet to publish a book, but I am working toward doing so this year. But why is writing important to me? Who am I?

The Writer

My passion is for writing. It is my hobby, my dream, my way to relax. Words are logical, emotional, and creative all at once. I can twist them into daggers that pierce stereotypes and arguments, or arrows that point right to the reader’s own emotions, explaining them in ways that they haven’t seen before. I can present worlds, escapes, dreams, passions, emotions, problems, heroes and heroines, and all kinds of questions that pull readers to a future. I love words because they can express my brain and my heart, both things we all seek to understand. 

But writing for me doesn’t just means poems, articles, or books. Songs, to me, are shared experiences – journeys together. The emotion is in the music and the reality is in the words. Music is a flow from not only my heart or mind but from my soul. Song writing is one of my favorite forms of writing because of this, and I hope to share some of my music someday.

The Person

What am I expressing through my writing? Who am I, beyond my passion for words? 

I’m a Jesus lover, pursuing the Lord. I’m a teenage girl who deals with loneliness and pain, questions and fears. I’m an older sister, hoping to set the right example. I’m a friend, supporting others through life. I’m a daughter, trying to do  my best. I’m a student, wrestling my brain until it reaches its potential. I’m a budding guitarist and ukulele player, teaching myself to connect music and words. I’m a child growing into an adult and learning what that means. I’m a normal person, dealing with the struggles and stress of the modern age. 

I believe words matter because they help us share what it means to be a human. They help us learn why we struggle and how to overcome these problems. They are lights in a dark age; they are telescopes in a nearsighted world; they are hope in a fearful time. Words are a lever, changing minds, hearts, and lives. Words are threads, tying us together and weaving who we are and what we believe. Words matter to me, and they should matter to you too. That’s not just what I believe; that’s who I am.