Hey warriors! Welcome or welcome back to Words! Today I have a bit of a Christmas-y post for you, since it’s coming so close (How is it December? Really?!). Gift shopping is probably one of the most exciting and difficult parts of the season, so I wanted to lend a hand to you all, at least for your writer and reader friends! This will be divided into two main sections and beyond that, divided by where you can get the items. Let’s dive in!


It’s sometimes hard to know what to get a reader, especially if you don’t read their genre or they read more than they talk. Often slightly introverted, usually rather curious, and almost always read something about that topic in a book, they tend to live in the clouds as often as they live on earth. 


  • An annotation kit is great for a serious and/or studious reader! Annotation helps a lot of readers to process information and remember their favorite quotes and scenes.
  • Every reader who reviews books would love to have a place to keep their TBR, reviews, and unfinished stories!
  • Blind dates with books are popular for a reason! You could get them just one or a subscription.
  • A book locket is a beautiful gift that can hold their love for books and people in one place.
  • Most readers are protective of their books to some degree, so this stamp marks it theirs alone.


  • If they crack open a book to the exact right page without a bookmark, this might be the gift for them.
  • I checked this book out at the library and instantly wanted to see how many I’d read and read the ones I hadn’t! Plus it’s stunning! This is a 10/10 recommend!
  • For the classics fan, this key chain is adorable!
  • A blanket, for cozy reading is a great idea! Especially if they’re always cold.


  • These books are beautiful inside and out, making them perfect for the reader with books as decoration.
  • Barnes & Noble Gift cards are always pretty safe!

Crafts to Make

  • Bookmarks are fun and easy. You could draw on a blank index card, cut one out of card stock, fold one to hug a corner, or design one on Canva. Possibilities are pretty endless! 
  • A list of your favorite books with a copy of one you already owned might be fun if you often exchange recommendations and books. 
  • This frame is absolutely beautiful and fun!
  • Make a blind-date-with-a-book box! Wrap a few books and put them in a box with teas, bookmarks, stickers, and anything that’s reminiscent of the books and the reader!


Writers are a strange breed of humans. Usually they run on caffeine (because in their proper environment, most are nocturnal), spend more time complaining about Writer’s block than writing, and still manage to write the books we read (some short, some long.). Usually, the writer is also a reader, but they’re the procrastinating over achiever breed. If you’re lost as to how to help them, don’t worry. We don’t know how to help ourselves.


  • This one’s more for humor than practicality, but every true writer feels this. Writer’s block isn’t fun!
  • If they’re as obsessed with journals as I am most writers are, this leather one is perfect!
  • This one’s great to encourage and motivate them and to say “I believe in you!”
  • Again, every writer feels the pain… why not let it inspire with a candle?


  • When there’s no way to form logical words, this hilarious game may bring about surprising motivation… and some rather strange stories!
  • Brainstorming, finding time for writing, and making a mood board are all things writers do that are easier with this dry-erase and bulletin board combo.


  • A Starbucks gift card (or other coffee shop) is usually a good idea for writers… we spend so much time day dreaming at night, it’s hard not to fall asleep in the day! 
  • These cute little notebooks are practical and simple- less daunting to start and good for storing ideas and random inspiration.
  • This keychain is perfect for a fantasy (or sci-fi) writer!

Crafts and personalized gifts

  • Decorate a cheap notebook! Use washi tape, paints, markers, stickers, stencils, paper, or anything that you have that reminds you of the person you’re gifting it to. 
  • If you can get your hands on their latest manuscript, print it on lulu.com for them! 
  • Make fanart of their book! This always feels so good! 
  • Make a playlist for while writing. If you both like Lofi or classical music, this is a great way to make something that doesn’t cost and feels personal
  • Make a binder with sections for Ideas, Brainstorms, Plots & Outlines, Characters, Worlds, Snippets, Editing Checklists, and anything else you think they’d find useful. Then fill it with blank notebook paper. I use one and it’s great for organizing my projects! 

The craziest writer gift of all: Harper Lee received a year off work to write as a present one Christmas. Thanks to those crazy friends, we now have To Kill a Mockingbird. If you wanted to be a little crazy but not quite that crazy, you could offer to pay for a class, a blogging plan for their platform, or give them a certain amount each month so that they don’t need to work as much, if they don’t have a consistent job.

Ideas for Anyone

This post may be targeted at writer and reader gifts, but that doesn’t mean I can’t include a few things that anyone might enjoy!

  • If they’re creative and organized (or working on it), a bullet journal might be a great gift! Throw in some mildliner pens and some stencils for bonus points.
  • If they’re a bit of a nerd, erasable highlighters are perfect! They are great for studying, annotating, and editing! These aren’t actually great for erasing on several kinds of paper, but have awesome colors and a thinner ink (in hopes that they will erase) so they won’t bleed much at all!
  • If they’re a penpal or enjoy letter writing, a cute stationery kit might be just the thing!
  • If they’re busy and/or don’t always love cooking, gifting a jar or mug filled with ingredients and an easy (preferably microwaveable) recipe tied to it would be like a warm hug. 
  • A box of homemade cookies, cake, or treats will rarely do harm, although make sure you know allergies and dietary restrictions before you choose this gift.
  • While we’re talking about food, a great gift from a grandmother or mother to their child or grandchild would be a recipe book of family recipes they’ve grown up on. This definitely feels personal, especially when they’re written out by hand. Still, this one can take a lot of effort. 
  • If they’re adventurous, gift them a kit for an activity you enjoy and offer to do it with them. This is a great way to spend time with someone, although be careful. If they’re not adventurous, the gift will be better for you than for them.
  • A fun idea is to give them a handmade “coupon” for some sort of trip, activity, or shopping spree together. Thrift store shopping, hiking, manicures, or a cake decorating class are just a few ideas.
  • If they have a thing for history, the best gift would be an antique book or treasure, along with its story. This could be an old magazine, a little trinket, a family heirloom, or just something cute from years past. 
  • A magazine subscription is a great idea! Guideposts, Readers’ Digest, Writer’s Digest, HGTV magazine, Southern Living, and so many others can be motivation in a hobby and a subscription is a monthly or seasonal reminder that you care.
  • Handmade cards are sometimes enough. Taking the time to draw, paint, or create something and to write a heartfelt note inside as encouragement and a reminder that you care can often bring a smile more easily than a gift. 
  • There’s always the tried-and-true crisp bills in a card, but it’s not very personal. Still, some people would much prefer to buy their own gifts just because they know they’ll use them. Namely, one of my sisters.

I hope this gift guide helps you as you check names off your list! What’s one thing you’re giving someone for Christmas? What’s the thing you want most for Christmas? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. I disagree. Bookmarks are for those who are not multi book readers. Us book-multitaskers have too much info in our minds to bother remembering pages😂
    I love that book keychain! I have read all the books on it!

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