An Unfortunate Annoucement

Hey warriors! It’s not a usual posting day but I wanted to pop in with a quick announcement: I may not post on all my regular days in the next two weeks. I’ll try to schedule some things, but I’ll be gone on a trip. So if I don’t make it, it’s because I didn’t finish or find time to schedule a post during packing. It’s not because I don’t live you all and don’t love the blog. It’s because I have a real life where things come up and stress exists. So while I’m sorry, I’m also not feeling guilty because it was time for a little break anyway. I can’t wait to come back rested, restored, stronger, and better than ever with more interesting and hopefully enlightening posts! I have so much planned for you guys that I think you’ll love, including something that… might get pretty big. I’ll miss you and I love you guys!!

What posts should I post when I get back? Let me know in the comments!