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Hello, warriors! How is everyone doing? It’s extremely hot here, meaning I feel drowsy and lazy most of the day. What’s summer like for you right now? So about today’s post…

Most of you probably realize that this blog was only just born a month or so ago. But that hasn’t stopped a few blogger friends from tagging me already… which means I have three for you today! First up is…

The Liebester Award.

Thank you, Daniel!


• Thank the blogger[s] who nominated you and provide a link to their blog. (See above)

• Answer the 11 questions given to you.

• Nominate 11 other bloggers.

• Ask your nominees 11 questions.

• Notify your nominees once you have uploaded your post.


1. Where do you find the most inspiration for writing?

I’m most inspired as I sleep, really! So many ideas have come from dreams…. Dreams are really story generators based on everything you’ve done and thought about that day, so they’re customized to me and ready to be butchered into a reasonable book when I wake up. Is that strange?

2. What is at the top of your bucket list?

Hit 100 followers and self publish a book! I’m going to do those soon, hopefully… *looks slyly at my readers* Joking! No pressure.

3. Who or what introduced you to the bloggiverse/bloggisphere/blogging world?

I actually had to create my first blog for school. It was confusing and I had no followers nor did I care for followers, but somehow I ended up here, an author with a successful blog (maybe you wouldn’t call this successful yet, but if even half of my audience wants to read my writing, I have over 25 people who can be affected by my words. For me, that’s a success).

4. Pens, pencils, or mechanical pencils?

Pencils! I would have said mechanical pencils a little bit ago, but there really is nothing like a good old fashioned pencil writing on good old fashioned paper….

5. Would you rather have one majorly famous book published, or several minorly famous books published? (Disclaimer: you’d have the same overall fame and income with either one.)

You know, I’d rather have several minorly famous ones for the same reason I feel successful now. If more of my experiences and more of my effort could touch people, then I’d rather pour out more for just as much spread out then get it cheap. If that seems crazy, it’s because I’m not really in it for money or fake though those would be kind of nice.

6. Hardcover, paperback, or e-book?

Depends. Old books? Hardcover. They’re beautiful! New books? Any form I can read!

7. Is this question true or false? (*confusion*)

It’s a genuine question basically asking if the question exists, so I would say true. Nice, Daniel. XD

8. What is one activity that completely exhausts you?

In all honesty, watching YouTube does. And I do it to relax and regain energy, which is ridiculous…. I don’t make sense. XD

9. What is one activity that makes you feel super energized?

Reading always inspires and motivates me. If you want me to do something, subtly plant a book on the topic on my book cart and I’ll most likely do it soon. BUT I’m also stubborn so my poor mother can hand me a book and my brain refuses to engage for some reason… I do not understand my brain, but it’s ok.

10. What would you say to your favorite author or artist? (Be careful not to idolize them!)

I would ask Gary D. Schmidt what his best character building tips are and if he would do a full interview with me because really, I have so many questions!

11. If you didn’t have these questions to answer, what would you be doing instead?

Answering the next tag or weeding… I much prefer questions to weeds. XD


No pressure to do this!

⁃ I feel obliged to tag Jenna Terese although I shall not force her. Here you are, your majesty. XD (She’s the Liebester queen, if you didn’t know.)

⁃ Rayna

⁃ Shanessa

⁃ Anna

⁃ Liz

⁃ Miriam

⁃ The Froggie Queen (the other Anna)

⁃ Annabelle

⁃ Jehosheba

⁃ Maggie

⁃ D

My Questions

I insist that, if you were tagged, you don’t read them until you answer them. XD

1. How would you describe your blog in twenty words or less?

2. Why did you start a blog?

3. What is the first thing that comes to mind when I ask what you want to do with your life?

4. What is one strange or curious thing you do regularly?

5. Look up from the screen. What’s the very first thing you see and what do you think of when you look at it?

6. What book has taught you the most?

7. If you are writing a book, what is it about? If you aren’t, what topic would you cover if you did?

8. When did you start your blog?

9. What is your biggest blogging tip?

10. What colors are you wearing right now?

11. What is one thing you haven’t told your followers simply because you haven’t had a reasonable place or time to do so?

You are welcome for that nonsense. XD

The I’ll Get Round To It Later Tag


• Link back to the original post at Quote, Unquote so the the creator can read your answers.

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• You may use the included graphic anywhere in your post but don’t have to.

• Fill all 7 categories: (a classic book you have been meaning to read forever but haven’t yet, a book on your shelf you haven’t read yet, a book that you got recently but haven’t read, a book that you’ve had forever but haven’t read, a book that a friend recommended that you haven’t read, a book that you are procrastinating on, and the next book on your TBR (to be read))

• You can either leave this tag open so anyone can do it or tag up to 7 people.


A classic book you have been meaning to read forever but haven’t yet.

I keep wanting to read Frankenstein and A Tale of Two Cities but it just hasn’t happened yet for either one…

A book on your shelf you haven’t read yet.

*winces* That fits most of them… let’s go with How To Win Friends and Influence People, which I got from my grandpa for my 15th birthday.

A book that you got recently but haven’t read.

Our library recently had a book sale and we got a full set of Harry Potter books… and some other books but since I simply can’t remember their names, I’ll have to go with them. I need to finish the series.

A book that you’ve had forever but haven’t read.

We have an at home library full of books, which is why this is hard for me. (And no it’s not a huge grand expensive room with shelves it’s five shelves in the classroom/study composed of Goodwill finds primarily) I would say I’ve had the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books forever but I never get past a certain point so I haven’t read most of them.

A book that a friend recommended that you haven’t read.

If we count my sister as a friend, that’s too many. Outside of that I really can’t think! I’ll settle with The Lord of the Rings and The Hunger Games since I haven’t read either and they’re always recommended.

A book that you are procrastinating on.

All of them? *feels guilty* Look, I have a long to-do list…. Uh… I’ve been putting off finishing Peter Pan for a bit now, so we’ll choose that one.

The next book on your TBR (to be read)

*coughs* Peter Pan. *coughs*


⁃ Hattush

⁃ Pearl

⁃ Issabelle

⁃ Daniel (you’re welcome)

⁃ Rosy Marr

⁃ Grace

⁃ Jehosheba (I know it’s the second tag but it fits you… sorry!)

And finally:

The Haiku Tag


• Tag Eva @album of amazing.

• Mention the person who tags you (Thank you, Rayna!)

• Add the rules to your post.

• Pick 2 topics to write 2 Haikus.

• Tag at least 5 people.

• HAVE FUN! 💙💙


1. Dogs.

2. Fire.

3. Sea.

4. Nature.

5. Music.

(Really fast question: why dogs? Like I don’t mind but it seems a little bit random XD)


Words, but not just words;

A flow from deep within me,

A pulse, not just verse


God created much:

Wonderful shades of bright green,

Splashed with vibrant hues.

No idea if those were any good, but there we are!


⁃ D

⁃ Shanessa

⁃ Anyone here currently wearing bright red

⁃ Anyone here who loves hiking

⁃ Anyone here with more than one pet dog

Do those count as single nominations? No, I don’t believe so. Am I satisfied? Yes.

Well, that was rather long, but I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Feel free to do any of these tags if you’d like. I don’t mind tagging a few extra people without actually tagging them. XD Did you learn anything about me? Do you have any of the same books on your TBR as I do? Let me know in the comments!