Sunset: A Poem – Summer of Stories 2

Hey warriors! Welcome or welcome back to Words! I have another Summer of Stories post today! This week’s prompt was “write a poem about a sunset.” I hope you enjoy!

Some people see beauty

In the golden rays of evening

The edge of night’s burning

Some people see artwork

In the masterfully chosen hues

The pinks, oranges, and blues.

Some people see promise

In the ending of one day

Knowing the night won’t stay

Some people see the moon

As the sun fades into the horizon

And they watch the stars be strung

But I see a little of all tonight:

Beauty, art, promise, and the moon

And I sing a different tune

Because I see hope most tonight:

Though the sun may fade

There always comes a new day

Again and again the darkness falls

Only for again the sun to shine bright

Where there is day, there will be night

But where the night ends is beauty

Not only does the sun set, it rises

Shining on all God’s precious prizes

Won from death and Satan’s grip,

By choosing Him we’re saved and His

And so He wraps us in golden-ray kisses.

But those who have yet to come,

He calls them home, “I love you, son!

You can’t change that fact with what you’ve done!”

So when I look at a fresh sunset,

I hear a voice calling from the sky

“Glory, glory, to Christ on high!”

What do you see in a sunset? Let me know in the comments!